December 17, 2020 • 3 min read

rideOS now Supports Scheduled Tasks with Driver Shifts & Time Window Guarantees

The Problem

Transportation companies are expecting on-demand delivery and transit to rebound in the coming months, yet scheduled tasks are still a crucial aspect of several different markets, including ridehail, delivery, and logistics. Our routing, optimization, and dispatch technology previously supported scheduled rides and deliveries, but without capabilities for shifts or guarantees as we focused on on-demand use cases. 


The Solution

We are excited to now support scheduled tasks, on-demand tasks, and the intermixing of the two - with shift scheduling capabilities and time window guarantees. This will allow a wider range of companies to have access to the fleet utilization benefits of our technology and will help us support companies that are transitioning from a primarily scheduled service to a more on-demand one. Fleet operators using rideOS technology will now be able to schedule rides, meal deliveries, or other tasks ahead of time by using Time Windows, all while simultaneously optimizing on-demand tasks across their fleet.


scheduled tasks

Time windows allow customers to set both the earliest and latest time to pick-up/drop-off a resource.


A test with one of our delivery partners showed tremendous results - when using rideOS technology to intermix scheduled and on-demand orders, the company was able to complete all of its orders using just 47.8% of the original number of drivers/vehicles while still hitting all of their customer requirements. That’s an opportunity to halve the cost of their operations. 


An additional test showed that by reducing the number of drivers/vehicles in the fleet (in this case, to 57.1% of the original amount) the company achieved an 7.7% increase in fleet utilization. With these results, it can also be assumed this company (and similar ones) can serve almost twice their current demand by using their existing fleet combined with rideOS technology.


How it works

With our Command Center product, customers have always been able to specify a time window to complete a task far in advance. However, we will now immediately assign that task to a driver in the future if one is scheduled to have a shift during that time. Customers are able to specify whether or not they are willing to have rideOS change the driver assignment as the date of delivery gets closer. Our software will automatically work around these pre-scheduled tasks when assigning on-demand orders, making sure that no driver is committed to deliveries back-to-back that they cannot complete and that the fleet is being used as efficiently as possible. 


scheduled tasks 2During dispatch optimization, time windows will be treated as constraints that will never be violated.


Contact us or check out our Scheduled Tasks and Time Windows guides for more details.