May 3, 2021 • 2 min read

The Importance of Last Mile Delivery Tracking

Last mile delivery can be defined as the process of getting a product from a warehouse or depot to the final customer’s doorstep. This can be a tricky and expensive process that eats away at the bottom line of small and large businesses alike. Because last mile delivery encompasses deliveries within ~25 miles, all local deliveries can also be considered last mile deliveries. A key component of successful last mile delivery is the ability to have live tracking and visibility into your fleet.


Once orders are packed and drivers are dispatched, it is important to be able to track their location live. This provides you the information necessary to answer customer inquiries and helps you correct and issues as they arise.


Some of the most important components of last mile delivery tracking include:


GPS Tracking

Knowing where your drivers are, in real-time, allows you to track the progress of all of your deliveries. At the very least, drivers should be sending updates to their dispatcher every time they pickup or drop-off an item, but ideally GPS tracking should be implemented so that dispatchers can track drivers live on a map.


A driver app, paired with a dispatcher dashboard, helps dispatchers track drivers in real-time and ensure that they are following the routes given to them. Driver apps are also useful for drivers as they provide turn-by-turn navigation, delivery notes, and easy delivery confirmation.


The Command Center web dashboard and driver app are synced, allowing dispatchers to track their entire fleet or focus in on each driver to view details of their routes.


Automated Notifications

Automated customer notifications help keep your customers up to date on the status of their order. This can help customers make sure they are home to receive their delivery and can alert them if there are any delays.


Automated SMS messages are a great way to ensure your

customers are up-to-date on the status of their delivery


Live Tracking Page for customers

Today, many customers want to know exactly when their order is going to arrive. Automated notifications provide information like when an order has been picked up or when it has been delivered, but do not account for everything in between. A live tracking page allows customers to track their driver on a map, in real-time, so that they have a better idea of when to expect delivery. 


Proof of Delivery

Photo capture and signature capture allow drivers to document proof of delivery. This gives businesses and customers peace of mind and can be crucial if there is ever a dispute.


Last mile delivery tracking provides dispatchers and customers visibility, transparency, and peace of mind. Take the stress out of your delivery operations by utilizing a delivery management solution to improve your last mile delivery tracking capabilities.