March 30, 2021 • 3 min read

Introducing Command Center, our dispatcher dashboard and driver mobile app for delivery fleets of all sizes



We are excited to announce the beta launch of Command Center, our no-code delivery management solution for companies of all sizes and technical capabilities. Many delivery companies are in need of powerful routing, fleet optimization, and dispatch, but have previously had to choose between user-friendly solutions that sometimes fall short on capabilities or more robust API solutions that can be tricky to integrate with. Command Center solves this problem by providing companies with an easy-to-use web dashboard and driver app powered by our best-in-class routing, fleet optimization, and dispatch APIs. Command Center is comprised of the following components:

  1. Web dashboard for dispatchers

  2. Driver app for delivery drivers

  3. Customizable SMS notifications for customers

  4. Integration with intelligent routing, fleet optimization, and dispatch APIs


Web Dashboard

With an intuitive visual interface, the Command Center web dashboard provides dispatchers a live view of their fleet and all of the tools necessary to run their operations efficiently. When deliveries are uploaded into the dashboard, they are auto-assigned to drivers, saving dispatchers valuable time and allowing them to focus on monitoring their entire fleet. Pickup and dropoff locations are automatically linked, producing clearly visualized routes for each driver.


The Command Center web dashboard provides dispatchers a bird's-eye view of their entire fleet as well as the ability to monitor each driver’s shift details individually


Delivery Driver Mobile App

Pairing the Command Center web dashboard with the Command Center driver app is what allows dispatchers to track driver locations in real-time. The user-friendly driver app alerts drivers when new deliveries are assigned, provides in-app navigation, and has signature capture and photo verification options for handling proof of delivery.


The Command Center mobile app provides driver in-app navigation 

and clear delivery instructions


Customer Communications

Customizable SMS notifications allow delivery companies to keep their customers informed on the status of their order.

Customizable texts keep your customers updated 

on the progress of their delivery


Integrated with powerful APIs

What makes Command Center a truly robust solution is the backend technology that it is built upon. Our APIs auto-assign deliveries to drivers in the most optimal way, which enables our partners to double the amount of deliveries their fleets are able to complete. Other key features include:

  • Batching: Serve multiple deliveries with a single vehicle 
  • Scheduled deliveries: Combine pre-scheduled deliveries with real-time requests
  • Inventory management: Specify vehicle capacity and differentiate between multiple inventory types
  • Service time: Add a customized time buffer for the driver to make a pickup or dropoff

Contact us if you’re interested in trying out Command Center in its beta phase or if you think one of our API products may be a fit for your business.