July 31, 2020 • 2 min read

How our partnership with SF New Deal helps deliver meals to residents in need

COVID-19 has altered our way of life tremendously, both for individuals and businesses. One industry that has been deeply affected by shelter-in-place orders has been local restaurants, where empty seats could lead to the possibility of shutting doors. According to research done by JP Morgan, half of all small businesses only have 27 days of cash on hand, indicating that shelter-in-place efforts going on for months can lead to significant financial strain. This, coupled with a rise in unemployment, has created a need for services to address the basic needs of the people and businesses in our community. One of our core values at rideOS is to do good by serving our people, partners, and community; over the past few months, the COVID-19 crisis has shed a light on ways our technology can help organizations and people who are trying to get by during these difficult times.


Over the past two months, we’ve done this by partnering with SF New Deal, an organization that works with the community to address the current health and economic crisis brought on by COVID-19. Operating on donations and government COVID-19 aid, SF New Deal pays Bay Area restaurants to make meals for people in need. This allows for restaurants to stay open and employ workers, while also addressing the problem of food insecurity in the community. Our intelligent optimization and routing software for vehicle fleets has allowed SF New Deal to scale and streamline operations, ultimately allowing for more meals to be delivered and more people to be served.


SF New Deal has used our Optimization product to assign delivery routes to volunteer drivers in the most optimal way, allowing them to reduce both delivery time and costs. Prior to using rideOS, SF New Deal was doing less than 200 deliveries a day and manually assigning routes to drivers. Eventually -- as they gained new city contracts and grew to doing up to 2,000 deliveries a day -- this became unsustainable, and they needed a solution that could automatically assign optimal routes. This is where rideOS was able to step in, creating a strong, efficient partnership that aligns with our values. Here are some of our product features that have become essential to customers like SF New Deal:



Batching allows for customers to deliver multiple goods or meals with one vehicle, while keeping track of the optimal time to serve each meal. This ensures maximum utilization, reduces cost per delivery, and increases the total amount of meals that can be delivered.

Scheduled deliveries

In addition to our real-time optimization capabilities, we allow customers to run optimizations ahead of time to facilitate scheduled deliveries. These allow for pickups and/or drop-offs within a specified time window, and ensures timely deliveries which result in overall customer satisfaction.

Inventory management with multiple inventory types

This allows for customers to turn their moving vehicles into moving depots, shortening the depot-to-destination time while keeping track of all inventory counts on vehicles. Customers can define any type of inventory, with multiple inventory types per vehicle.


Thus far, SF New Deal has provided 508,806 meals to people in need, a feat possible with the support of rideOS’s delivery software. We hope to emulate the success of this partnership with other delivery partners, making goods and food delivery efficient, streamlined, and effortless.