March 11, 2021 • 2 min read

Delivery Management: What it is and how to use software to maximize efficiency

Delivery management, or fleet management, is the set of processes used by companies to efficiently transport goods from one location to another, usually from a depot or vendor to the end customer. Delivery has become a large and important part of many businesses today, which means it has become increasingly useful for companies to maximize the efficiency of their delivery operations. In this blog post we will discuss several different aspects of delivery management and how software solutions can help automate and simplify these processes.

Regardless of what type of delivery company you run, one of the most important factors for the success of your business is limiting costs. Specifically, completing as many delivery tasks as possible with the least amount of resources (drivers, vehicles, dispatchers), while still maintaining a satisfactory level of service for your customers. In order to maximize fleet efficiency, delivery operators utilize several different tools and technologies, and strategies including the following:


Routing & Optimization

While possible for extremely small operations, routing each task manually is incredibly inefficient. For larger operations, routing each task individually is not even an option. In either case, routing and fleet optimization software can be used to generate efficient routes in just seconds. Optimization software is powered by complex algorithms and takes into account things like real-time traffic, vehicle capacity, batching, and time windows to create the most optimal routes for vehicles across a fleet.


Automated Dispatch

Small operations whose deliveries are scheduled ahead of time can get away with manually assigning tasks and dispatching drivers. However, companies running on-demand services need technology that is able to automatically dispatch drivers to complete tasks as orders come in live. Automating dispatch frees up dispatchers to manage and monitor the entire fleet, solve problems as they arise, and ensure customers are receiving good service.


Fleet visualization and vehicle tracking

Real-time fleet visualization allows dispatchers and fleet operators to track their entire fleet live. This enables them to make corrections when a driver is off course, re-assign tasks when a driver is stuck in traffic, or otherwise manage the fleet in order to save valuable time and resources. Web dashboards that visualize fleets can also help customer support teams properly respond to inquiries from customers.


Shift detail - On trip (1)The Command Center web dashboard and driver app are synced, allowing dispatchers to track their entire fleet or focus in on each driver to view details of their routes.


Regardless of what type of delivery company you run, using software to automate and optimize your delivery management operations can save you time, lower your costs, and improve the level of service you are able to provide to your customers.