April 28, 2020 • 2 min read

rideOS is Selected by Alto to Scale its On-Demand Mobility Business

Alto Selects rideOS to Scale its On-Demand Multi-Service Mobility Business


We are pleased to announce that Alto has selected rideOS to build, operate and scale its multi-service on-demand mobility business. For those not familiar with Alto, the company is based in Dallas Texas and operates a dedicated fleet of employee-driven vehicles (not just the typical app-based ride hail service). Unlike their competitors, Alto’s drivers undergo comprehensive background checks, extensive training and all trips are monitored with real-time telematics and video in every car. Each Alto is a clearly identifiable luxury SUV with an Alto license plate and custom identification lights that users activate directly via the Alto app for safety.


Alto’s business model relies heavily on two things. First, a highly differentiated and elevated ride experience for passengers and drivers, focused on safety. And second, the highest asset efficiency possible. Fleet optimization, dispatch and routing is core to their business, so they were ultimately searching for an experienced partner that could offer the most advanced algorithms available, a high degree of customization capabilities and a shared vision for the future of human and autonomous transportation. Alto chose rideOS because they believed: 1) we could help them meet their near and long-term growth and profitability goals; and 2) the vision for their business was most closely aligned with our own vision and product roadmap.


Needless to say, this is a highly-competitive win for us and really big news for several reasons.


First, Alto is now utilizing the rideOS platform to manage its elevated rideshare service. The company is taking full-advantage of rideOS’ dynamic fleet planning and constraint-based routing system to optimize operations, with a particular focus on significantly increasing asset utilization and profitability. rideOS’ proprietary constraint based routing engine finds the optimal route for vehicles, taking into consideration live and historical traffic, and also Alto’s historical data, to produce optimal routes and also accurate estimated time of arrivals (ETAs). Looking forward to the future, autonomous vehicle companies can also leverage our flexible routing engine to bring their autonomous vehicles onto Alto’s network, while respecting the constraints of these vehicles (e.g. no unprotected left turns). We built our routing engine with flexibility, speed, and scalability in mind -- and thus dynamic fleet planning matches Alto vehicle to tasks in seconds, helping them to increase the number of trips or deliveries per driver-hour and drive higher utilization at a lower fleet size. With our algorithms, we have found that our technology can allow companies to double the productive capacity of each vehicle. We’ll be collaborating with Alto on future product releases and our innovation agenda, as well as fully-measure the performance improvements and business value impacts our solutions have on their company’s operations.


Second, with the unprecedented decline in ride hail services due to the COVID-19 crisis as well as to address a greater need in their community, Alto made the decision to pivot to delivery services. Our cloud-based platform was engineered to support a variety of use-cases and business models, including ride hail, last-mile on-demand delivery, warehouse-on-wheels and milk-run. Our engineering team’s worked together day and night with urgency to meet the demands of the market, and within 7 days (!), we had expanded our respective platform’s to support the delivery of thousands of food orders, prescription drugs, and test kits. We are both so proud of both team’s for their hard work and dedication during this crisis.


Third, because the rideOS platform accelerates the safe, global roll-out of next-generation human-driven as well as autonomously-controlled transportation, both companies are already in discussions with several autonomous providers to supplement Alto’s existing driver network with driverless vehicles and thus make a vision of the future reality.


All in all, we are ecstatic at being selected as Alto’s partner of choice and look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship.